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News and information on musician and songwriter John Ozoroff

NEW ALBUM The latest Wild West Country Band album featuring fifteen songs.

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Wild West Country Band Goose BumpsAnnouncing 'Goose Bumps', Wild West Country Band's NEW ALBUM!

Announcing the latest Wild West Country Band album 'Goose Bumps' featuring fifteen Ozoroff/Hobday songs available to purchase now on Amazon.

You can buy a track for 99p or get the whole album for £7.99 (53p a track).

Listen, purchase and download the music here on Amazon

Announcing the NEW solo album IPSO FACTO by John Ozoroff now available to buy online!

Ipso Facto Album Cover Front by John Ozoroff Ipso Facto Album Cover Front by John Ozoroff

John Ozoroff has finally recorded his first studio solo album of original material since 'Open For Engagements' 15 years ago! It was released on the 8th September 2010 and is entitled 'IPSO FACTO'. There are 12 tracks and John has multi-tracked loadsa guitars so it rocks even on the slow numbers! IPSO FACTO is also now available as a download at Amazon and iTunes.

Listen, purchase and download the music here on Amazon

Listen, purchase and download the music here on iTunes

Alternatively You can purchase the hard copy IPSO FACTO CD Album direct for £9.99 including postage (dispatched within 3 days) using the BUY NOW button below - you don't have to sign up for a account (but it is free and secure - a registered financial institute) - after you click the BUY NOW button you will be redirected to a secure PayPal page - click the 'Proceed to Checkout' button. if the options to enter your card details don't show when you click the checkout button click the link that is beneath the heading 'Don't have a PayPal account?':

IPSO FACTO album tracks

01. My Real Love – Ozoroff - Alludes to the belief that there is really only one real love in a lifetime. The song title was inspired by John Lennon's Real Love recorded posthumously by Paul, George and Ringo.

02. Hearts On Sleeves – Ozoroff – Relates to an enigmatic woman who always says what she means and means what she says and is totally honest about how she feels. However, she is sometimes completely inscrutable.

03. How We Can Help - Ozoroff – Inspired by John Lennon's song Give Peace A Chance.

04. Blue Satin Robe – Ozoroff – Peter Sellers was great friends with George and particularly Ringo. This is an ode to Sellers' wife Lynne Frederick.

05. Danger In Stilettos – Ozoroff – Little black dress, stilettos and nails painted black, a siren dressed to kill – watch out!

06. Lovely Lady – Ozoroff – Written with Help for Heroes in mind this is a song about a veteran soldier's feelings towards his wife. A powerfully emotional song which got onto the album only because John's late father insisted! (John thought it was too emotional).

07. Angel Woman – Ozoroff – Being a massive John Lennon fan and after playing for 7 years in a Roxy Music tribute band Roxy Magic John felt he should allude to a song title at the very least. Hence, his choice of Angel Woman from RM's Angel Eyes and of course John Lennon’s Woman

08. Miss Sensational – Ozoroff – Story of a young woman who leaves her marital home to become a wannabe supermodel.

09. Leave Me In Peace – Ozoroff – A rock number that asks the question "How would we survive without politicians?" A song that espouses the view that we would all be better off left to run our own lives without interference from big brother.

10. Only One Phoenix – Ozoroff – An ode to the young actor River Jude Phoenix who died in October 1993 aged 23. His parents got his middle name from the Beatles song 'Hey Jude'.

11. Teenage Downtrodden – Ozoroff – As parents we have the advantage of remembering our own teenage years and our own kids think we don't understand them!

12. Lovers And Admirers – Hackett/Ozoroff – A collaboration with Kevin Hackett the 'Bryan Ferry' of the tribute band Roxy Magic.

Additional Notes:

Blue Satin Robe – ode to Lynne Frederick wife of Peter Sellers. The song is based on an article written by Brendan Bourne in The Mail On Sunday, May 1st 1994 of her sad demise. "I came across the aforementioned Newspaper containing Brendan's superb article and the link to the last interview with Lynne Frederick by Peter Evans author of the definitive biography of Peter Sellers 'The Mask Behind The Mask' whilst clearing out the garage earlier this year" says John "I was so inspired by the piece that I was able to use many of the keywords and the story from both articles to add lyrics to the melody I had already finished and finally complete the song."

"I had struggled for months for the lyrical content for the last song of twelve which become known as "Blue Satin Robe" (Lynne would frequently wear the gown around the house and was still wearing it when her body was discovered) and finding the article gave me the inspiration to finish the song subsequently completing the IPSO FACTO album project.

Only One Phoenix - ode to River Phoenix River Jude Phoenix (August 23, 1970 - October 31, 1993) an American film actor. He was listed on John Willis' Screen World, Vol. 38 as one of twelve "promising new actors of 1986", and was hailed as highly talented by such critics as Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel. On Halloween morning, 1993, Phoenix died of a drug overdose on the sidewalk outside the West Hollywood nightclub the Viper Room. He received his middle name from The Beatles' song 'Hey Jude'.[3]

Leave Me In Peace and How We Can Help echo John Lennon's sentiments in his songs Give Peace A Chance and Gimme Some Truth.

John Lennon was the Beatle Ozoroff most admired and respected and he was honoured to have written the original songs for the now rare album Open For Engagements featuring original members of John's first band The Quarry Men along with drummer Charles Hart and bassman Richie Gould in the mid 90's. "Although I have written songs throughout my career, I have never found the time to get into a studio and being a working musician, I was almost permanently on the road!" His first song writing experience in 15 years; here at last is his first solo album. 

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Listen to the Music!!

Check out John on MySpace:

We are pleased to announce that soundbytes from the Quarry Men Album 'Open for Engagements' are available for you to listen to or buy on itunes from this link:


SOLD OUT The Quarry Men CD ‘Ready For Engagements’ was a limited edition and is no longer available for purchase. The limited edition album called ‘Ready For Engagements’ - the rehearsal tapes - features songs from the repertoire of John Lennon’s original Quarry Men plus some previously unheard original numbers from the ’92 line up.

The Quarry Men - The Rehearsal Tapes - SOLD OUT
The Quarry Men Album - The Rehearsal Tapes

John kindly lent me a preview copy and I can tell you there are some amazingly great tracks on this album! The sheer power and energy hits you full on and the enthusiastic performance of all the lads is striking. I am told this album is initially to be limited to a few hundred copies only and each CD will be personally signed by John to verify its authenticity.

Ian Forsyth, author and excellent sleeve note writer for ‘Open For Engagements’ has kindly agreed to write the notes for the current CD and is busy compiling the copy for the new album right now!

The album has taken several months longer than expected due to the incredible amount of studio time and technical wizardry devoted by sound engineer Graham Hawes and producer Rich ‘Moo’ Marsh in producing a truly amazing recording from the original tape. The effect though, I can promise you, has definitely been well worth the wait! - Ed

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'Ready For Engagements' The Rehearsal Tapes

READY FOR ENGAGEMENTS- the rehearsal tapes - Sleeve notes By Ian Forsyth

It was towards the back end of 1992 that John Duff Lowe decided to try and reform his first band THE QUARRY MEN which originally included a trio of other lads, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison.

Although John had been the only trained musician in the then quintet three of its members, as we all know, became world famous as The Beatles.

The purpose of the reunion was to play some live dates, possibly on the ever popular nostalgia circuits or more interestingly at the ever growing Beatle Conventions.

Eventually two other original Quarrymen, Len Garry and Rod Davis, agreed with John Duff Lowe to reform the band and along with a fine trio of musicians from The Four Pennies studio time was booked for rehearsals.

They concentrated on the songs Duff and Len remembered the Quarrymen performing during their tenure through 1958/59. At this stage Len and Rod had departed and John, Paul, and George were honing their own unique sound towards rock and roll, hence the addition of Duff as the piano player (a la Jerry Lee Lewis!)

The 1992 Quarry Men performances were surprisingly good. Len and Rod's vocals were strong and hardly betrayed the intervening thirty odd years. John's backing vocals and keyboard playing was similarly superb. John had in fact been playing fairly regularly with The Pennies ensuring a return to form for the piano man. The other Pennies, session lead guitarist John Ozoroff, original bassist Mike Wilshaw and studio session drummer Charles Hart tightened the whole thing up and supplied direction.

Incredibly the project slammed into the buffers shortly after these sessions and the projected gigs and possible CD never happened. It was a great missed opportunity as this CD clearly shows.

Twelve years later guitar maestro John Ozoroff found the original rehearsal tape in a drawer full of old cassettes. The tape had deteriorated but sound engineer Graham Hawes was given the task of cleaning it up and 'Producer Extraordinaire' Richard 'Moo" Marsh mastered the overall sound, tweaking the frequencies to make it literally jump out of the speakers!

It was the first time that original members of the Quarry Men were recorded together and it led to the same team, minus Len Garry, professionally recording the later much more studio oriented 1994 CD 'Open For Engagements'.

All the tracks on the brand new 'Ready For Engagements' CD are performed live with bundles of energy and spontaneity. Even Ozoroff's vocal prompts can be heard between some of the songs! Len Garry's voice was always admired by a young John Lennon and it does have a similarity to his old friend, especially on the Quarrymen original "In Spite Of All The Danger". Mike Wilshaw sounds like Paul McCartney on bass guitar with some of his riffs being very reminiscent of Paul's early playing style.

Some tracks do sound stronger than others do but that adds to the flavour of the whole album. The idea was to rehearse as many numbers as they could then pick out a final set list of maybe ten of the more successful for coming live performances.

Hidden away are two gems - original songs from Ozoroff collaborations with John Lowe and Mike Wilshaw respectively and a pointer to the new songs by Ozoroff and Lowe to appear on "Open" two years later. They are strong songs showing a maturity and caring so typical of embattled sixties survivors.

The band that assembled to cut these rehearsal tracks in Liverpool a decade ago obviously loved their work and the last word must be given to the man who, thank God, saved them for posterity.

"Listening to it now, the sheer power and energy is very apparent and there's no doubt whatsoever that we were extremely enthusiastic about the music. What a pity this show never actually got on the road in a big way. I'm sure it would have gone down great with audiences as you can't keep still when you hear Rock 'n' Roll music!" -
John Ozoroff.

© Ian Forsyth, Author, 2004.

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The Rehearsal Tapes - Track by Track Preview by Ian Forsyth

Len opens the album with an almost country treatment of this Chuck Berry classic. Recorded by the Beatles in 1963 for a BBC session.

Track 2: BONY MARONIE (Williams)
A super solid version of the old Larry Williams song. Len sounding like Lennon, who recorded it himself for his Rock and Roll album in 1974.

Track 3: BE BOP A LULA (Davis)
Macca bass lines and some cool Ozoroff guitar pickin'. Again recorded by Dr Winston O' Boogie for his Rock and Roll album.

Track 4: BYE BYE LOVE (Bryant/Bryant)
Anything by the Everly Brothers was OK by the Quarry Men and they did this regularly along with Devoted To You. Rod Davis turns in a strong lead vocal. Recorded by George Harrison on a solo album in 1974 and for a US TV programme in 1976.

Track 5: EARTH ANGEL (Belvin)
From the original by The Penguins comes this great version with beautiful guitar by Ozoroff who shares lead vocal with Len.

Track 6: IN SPITE OF ALL THE DANGER (Harrison/McCartney)
The original 1958 Quarrymen song done by the 1992 Quarry Men! Great doo wop backing and some really nifty keyboard work by Duff who featured on the original '58 version with John, Paul and George!

Track 7: ALL SHOOK UP (Blackwell)
Great Quarry Men version of this Elvis song featuring Len singing lead with the rest of the lads on backing vocals.

Len on lead vocal and a straight up and down rendition of the Chuck Berry classic. Recorded by the Beatles at the BBC in 1964.

Track 9: HOW CAN WE HELP (Ozoroff/Lowe)
A great piano intro into an upbeat plea; How can we help the war torn, How can we stop the bleeding? Enough said - a song for our troubled times.

Track 10: RIP IT UP (Marascalco/Blackwell)
With pounding bass and drums John Ozoroff rips through this old rocker. It's such a pity this band never rocked the boards. Recorded by Lennon for his Rock and Roll album.

Track 11: BLUE SUEDE SHOES (Perkins)
John recorded this Carl Perkins song at Toronto in 1969 and Len's vocal is in a similarly hesitant vein. Again Mike Wilshaw's bass and Charles Hart's drumming keeps him on track.

Track 12: THAT'LL BE THE DAY (Petty)
Rod takes lead vocal and Duff has fun with his honky-tonk piano. Also available on Open For Engagements and Anthology.

Track 13: HEARTBREAK HOTEL (Karlin/Durden)
Len in Elvis mode. It must have been great to have seen Len and Lennon on stage together! Len's self - effacing sense of humour shines through.

Track 14: AINT THAT A SHAME (Bartholomew)
Len again. Lennon recorded this for his Rock and Roll album.

Track 15: MEAN WOMAN BLUES (DeMetruis/Hooker)
Duff's intro exactly as played to 15 year old Paul McCartney at the Liverpool Institute in 1958 and his ticket into the Quarry Men. Some tight Ozoroff guitar work underpins Len's vocal.

Track 16: MEMORIES (Ozoroff/Wilshaw)
An unreleased Quarry Men track that didn't make it onto Open For Engagements. A sing-along song with swirling keyboards.

Track 17: WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN' (David)
Rockin' Len Garry again, great thumping bass and backing vocals. Jerry Lee Lewis was very influential on the 1958 Quarry Men and subsequent Beatles.

Track 18: LONG TALL SALLY (Johnson/Penniman)
Superb Ozoroff lead vocal and Duff's white hot keyboards. All helped along with Charles' solid drumming and some great backing vocals. Recorded by the Beatles for an EP in 1964.

Ian Forsyth © 2004

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Paul McCartney

The Beatles as guitarists:

This is a John Ozoroff recommended link to John F Crowley’s website on guitars of The Beatles including the one mentioned in Paul Easton’s article about Paul McCartney’s Epiphone. It’s a great site showing pictures of John, Paul and George playing the guitars they owned with commentary by John F Crowley. Check it out. - Ed


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Review of the CD Open For Engagements by author Ian Forsyth
A review



A debut album thirty-seven years after formation must be something that the Guinness Book of Records would be interested in. This is special though. This is the Quarry Men, the band that eventually evolved into The Beatles.

Led by original keyboard-man John 'Duff' Lowe, the new line-up includes fellow original Rod Davis along with John Ozoroff on Lead guitar, Charles Hart on drums and bass-player Richie Gould. Having enjoyed cult status it must have been a difficult decision to commit themselves to making music publicly again and run the risk of destroying the legend. But these Liverpudlians are a brave bunch and if any such doubts did exist, they were unfounded.

The album kicks off with an old Beatles' favourite, Larry Williams' 'Dizzy Miss Lizzie' and Ozoroff's stinging guitar and raw vocal sets the pace for what is to follow. The first new song 'History' was originally titled 'Beatles History' and the Fabs inspiration shines through the track's swirling strings and french horn. Two covers follow, a unique version of The Coasters' 'Thumbin' A Ride' and the first track which is readily identified with The Quarry Men. 'Come Go With Me' was regularly performed by the young skifflers. Indeed it was the first song that Paul McCartney can remember John Lennon playing. This version stays close to The Del Vikings' 1957 original.

'In The Right Place' is a recognition of the importance of following your dreams and 'Twenty Flight Rock' was, in effect, Paul McCartney's audition piece back in 1957 and his flawless performance gained him a place in the band. The 1994 Quarry Men version is closer to the Eddie Cochran original.

'John Winston' is a plea for us to remember that Lennon was firstly a peoples champion who influenced the hearts and minds of millions and 'Shinto', the strongest of the new songs, was inspired by Yoko and is, we are told, about the Japanese Sun Goddess Amaterasu.

'Misty Eyes' could have been written for 'A Hard Days Night' and Elvis' 'Tryin' To Get To You' was, in fact, performed by The Quarry Men in the early days.

What definitely got 'Duff' Lowe into the band was his ability to play the arpeggio of Jerry Lee Lewis' 'Mean Woman Blues' and the new version kicks off with Duff's historic note perfect introduction and some really mean guitar work from Ozoroff.

A guaranteed hit comes in the form of the hilarious 'Cycle Song' about a guy who is convinced he could win the Tour De France and the album ends, not with a rush of adrenaline, but with the surreal nonsense poem 'Life Of Sleep' spoken by 'Duff' Lowe over a piano accompaniment. It provides perhaps the biggest surprise of all in album which is full of surprises.

Ian Forsyth

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These are notes taken from telephone calls between myself and John Duff Lowe towards the release of The Quarrymen’s debut album Open For Engagements in 1994.
MARCH 1994
31st John Duff rang. Trying to Get To You was Paul McCartney’s inspiration for In Spite Of All The Danger.Tracks for the album so far: Thumbing A Ride, Mean Woman Blues, Cry Me A River, Trying To Get To You. Also A Life Of Sleep, written by Duff and John Ozoroff. It’s thirty-five years since John and Paul dropped the name The Quarrymen! Sent out press releases.

APRIL 1994
9th Beatles Monthly Book has printed news of the album. Discussed Album cover, possibly quarry (old photo) or wet street. Album now to have 10 covers and four new songs. 11th
Recorded new song The Cycle Song.Paul Mc has replied to Duff’s invitation for him to play on album – thanks but no thanks. 17th Cycle Song possible single. Played me three songs; History, Misty Eyes and Tanya. Loved them esp Tanya. 21st Discussed album titles – Mike Adams suggested Frontbeat –
ugh! 29th Sending me reviews of Four Pennies tour. Line up for album now; Rod Davis, John Ozoroff, Charles Hart, Richie Gould, John Duff Lowe.

MAY 1994
5th Moved to Coach House Bristol for final mixing. Our mutual friend Alan Clayson taking some copies of the album to the Beatle Fest in Chicago. 8th Spoke to Roag Best about how he and Pete Best succesfully marketed Pete Best Live Cd – a few good ideas. 10th Timetable; 20th May – mix down, 13 June – 30 June – manufacture. Remastering to be done at Abbey Road! 17th Spoke to Richard Porter (London Beatles Fan Club) about possible locations for launch of CD. 21st Agreed London launch would not be feasible. John Ozoroff sending me notes on tracks for me to compile sleeve notes.

JUNE 1994
2nd I suggested Open For Engagements as title, from original Quarrymen business card. 3rd Record Collector published a large paragraph about the CD titled “Never Mind The Beatles” , with a jokey slant saying it must be the slowest debut album in history! 7th John Ozoroff sent me his thoughts on songs – very good copy tempted to keep them as they are. 8th Duff liked Record Collector item. The Beat Goes On has printed piece on album. Duff to do interviews for London Beatles Fan Club Magazine and Radio Gloucester. 14th May put poster of the 1958 record with CD. Alan Clayson is doing article on Quarrymen for Record Collector. 27th Open For Engagements definite title. 30th Relayed some of my sleeve notes on the phone to Duff.He liked them a lot.

JULY 1994
2nd Received mock up of cover – looks good! 10th Nick Wood at EMI Abbey Road has mastered the disc. Sleeve notes are at the printers. 12th Received cassette of album from DAT. Fantastic! – Wrote review. 21st A tape of the Quarrymen playing at the Woolton fete on July 6th 1957 has been discovered! Fantastic timing as publicity will help us a lot. 26th CD ready on Monday. NBC interested in doing item on The Quarrymen for the USA.


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