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A very warm welcome to news and information
on musician and songwriter John Ozoroff -
Original 1990's reformed Quarry Men Member

NEW ALBUM The latest Wild West Country Band album featuring fifteen songs.

The Wild West Country Music Band

John Ozoroff Musician in the Wild West Country Band UK

Having finally built his studio at his home in Bristol, John set about discovering the skills required to operate the software and get down to recording some music. Writing began in earnest and he soon decided that he would like to try his hand at writing a few songs in the Country Music genre since this was something quite different to his past material. He asked long-time friend John Hobday to take a listen to his first efforts and he was suitably impressed. John then suggested his friend should write some words since he himself had been a vocalist for many years and must have thousands of lyrics floating around his head! Says John, 'writing the lyrics always come first for me in the songwriting process so if my friend John Hobday could write them for me that's half the job done immediately!' At first his friend was reluctant to try his hand at being a lyricist since he had never written anything before but John persuaded him to try writing some Country Music lyrics to see what would transpire. To cut a long story short, they have since recorded two albums worth of material and have another three albums of material waiting in the wings! They have put together a band with members John Ozoroff (lead vocals/guitar, John Hobday (bass/lead vocals), Bev Guard (guitars/vocals) and Roy Taylor (drums/vocals) and have launched the band with a tongue-in-cheek song called ‘Flip The Bird’ which uses text speak in the lyrics to amusing effect (click here to watch Flip The Bird on YouTube).

The Wild West Country Music Band Facebook page

Wild West Country Band Goose BumpsAnnouncing 'Goose Bumps', Wild West Country Band's NEW ALBUM!

Announcing the latest Wild West Country Band album 'Goose Bumps' featuring fifteen Ozoroff/Hobday songs available to purchase now on Amazon.

You can buy a track for 99p or get the whole album for £7.99 (53p a track).

Listen, purchase and download the music here on Amazon

Announcing the solo album IPSO FACTO by John Ozoroff available to buy online!

Ipso Facto Album Cover Front by John Ozoroff Ipso Facto Album Cover Front by John Ozoroff

John Ozoroff has finally recorded his first studio solo album of original material since 'Open For Engagements' 15 years ago! It was released on the 8th September 2010 and is entitled 'IPSO FACTO'. There are 12 tracks and John has multi-tracked loadsa guitars so it rocks even on the slow numbers! IPSO FACTO is also now available as a download at Amazon and iTunes.

Listen. purchase and download the music here on Amazon

Listen, purchase and download the music here on iTunes

Watch and listen to 'Only One Phoenix' from the new album IPSO FACTO:

Alternatively You can purchase the hard copy IPSO FACTO CD Album direct for £9.99 including postage (dispatched within 3 days) using the BUY NOW button below - you don't have to sign up for a account (but it is free and secure - a registered financial institute) - after you click the BUY NOW button you will be redirected to a secure PayPal page - click the 'Proceed to Checkout' button. if the options to enter your card details don't show when you click the checkout button click the link that is beneath the heading 'Don't have a PayPal account?':

The story of how it All began....

At the age of just 7 years, John knew he was destined to be a musician. An overwhelming impulse to play a musical instrument (of any sort!) compelled him to approach his mother and ask if she could obtain one, She produced a clarinet one day and John determined he was to master the instrument...but it was not be!

John was never destined to be a clarinet player, since when his younger sister Jennifer, sat on the clarinet and broke it in half his mother bought him a guitar instead - 'I never considered it a bum deal though' jokes John.

His first performance was as guitarist in a band of youngsters aged around 10 years old, in front of the movie screen at the ABC Minors Matinee film show in his home town of Cheltenham in the UK. This was the start of his career involving 'The Four Pennies' and 'The Quarry Men'.

Check out the rest of the site for more interesting information on John's 'Quarry Men' connection with 'The Beatles' and his involvement with 'The Four Pennies'.

The Quarry Men

John Lennon was 15 when he and 3 friends, Pete Shotton, Ivan Vaughan and Nigel Whalley got together to form a band called The Quarry Men named after Quarry Bank the school John attended. On the 6th June 1957 The Quarry Men were playing at a garden fete at St Peter's Church, Woolton, Liverpool when Ivan Vaughn, who had invited Paul along, introduced him to John. Paul and Ivan were good friends because they shared the same birthday and were both born and bred Liverpudlians. Paul was very impressed although he noticed John sang the wrong words to most of the songs making them up himself as he went. John was equally impressed, however, when Paul wrote out the lyrics "Twenty Flight Rock" and "Be-Bop-A-Lula" and demonstrated he could tune a guitar! Paul could do a great Little Richard impersonation of "Long Tall Sally" even then...

Check out John on MySpace:

'Open For Engagements' - The re-formed Quarry Men recorded their first CD in 1994

Listen to the music!!

We are pleased to announce that soundbytes from the Quarry Men Album 'Open for Engagements' are available for you to listen to on the site

Still playing after all these years!

Musicians spend their lives trying to make it in the music business and some become famous, to a greater or lesser degree, before settling for humbler ambitions until finally they retire...just kidding, everyone knows musicians never retire!!! John is no exception and is still performing on stage and writing songs to this day.

'Ready For Engagements'- The Quarry Men rehearsal tapes (also referred to as the lost tapes)

Sleeve notes By Ian Forsyth
It was towards the back end of 1992 that John Duff Lowe decided to try and reform his first band THE QUARRY MEN which originally included a trio of other lads, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison. Although John had been the only trained musician in the then quintet three of its members, as we all know, became world famous as The Beatles. The purpose of the reunion was to play some live dates, possibly on the ever popular nostalgia circuits or more interestingly at the ever growing Beatle Conventions. Eventually two other original Quarrymen....

Want any news on other bands from the 60's?

John still keeps in touch with many of the guys from other name bands around in the 60's, so if you want to get news on what they're up to these days, send an e-mail and he'll get back to you. No publicity pics though, you may have to pay for those!

Want copies of these photos?

If you would like a signed laminated A4 or A3 photo of John as shown in the 2 pictures top right of this page? Click link below and type out your requirements clearly in the message. You will get a reply telling you how to obtain them and the cost, including packaging if you are outside the UK.

Read the review of the CD by author Ian Forsyth

A debut album thirty-seven years after formation must be something that the Guinness Book of Records would be interested in. This is special though. This is the Quarry Men, the band that eventually evolved into The Beatles. Led by original keyboard-man John 'Duff' Lowe, the new line-up includes fellow original Rod Davis along with John Ozoroff on Lead guitar, Charles Hart on drums and bass-player Richie Gould. Having enjoyed cult status it must have been a difficult decision to commit themselves to making music publicly again and run the risk of destroying the legend. But these Liverpudlians are a brave bunch and ....

John Ozoroff - One of The Quarry Men - John Ozoroff
John played
live at Wembley

John Ozoroff on vocals

John recommends....

The Two Sides of Four Pennies/Mixed Bag Audio CD....

The Two Sides of The Four Pennies Audio CD - Usually dispatched within 4 to 6 weeks - priced £12.99. If you would like to buy a copy of 'The Two Sides of Four Pennies/Mixed Bag Audio CD' please click on the link below or the picture to the right to read more and decide whether you would like to order direct from Amazon.
Buy the Audio CD 'Two Sides of Four Pennies/Mixed Bag'...


'The Quarrymen' book....

The Quarrymen by Hunter Davies - Hardcover - Usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days - priced £10.36. If you would like to buy a copy of 'The Quarry Men' book please click on the link below or the picture to the right to read more and decide whether you would like to order direct from Amazon.
Buy The book 'The Quarrymen'...


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